Revival is Close!

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by Peter E. Schultz

So many of us continue hoping our politicians abandon selfishness, our murderers start valuing human life, our children desire to learn good things, our citizens stop hating for no reason, and on and on.

Really, what’s the solution? Do we just sadly muddle through, enjoying some happy moments until we croak? Do we take as much of the goods in each department of life as possible? Do we wallow in endless discouragement? Or, is there more?

Corruption is now so deep in our government that politically charged finger-pointing is the new measure of legislative success.

Many times in human history people cried, “ENOUGH!!!” They reached the end of patience and tolerance. Their collective mess was so disgusting they had no obvious alternatives left. Then they turned to God as their very last resort.

In March 1859, during a heavy rainstorm, the people in Ahogill, Ireland dropped to their knees in the muddy street. Their story is simple. They prayed to God for help, and He answered them.

Three years earlier at a small tea party in Ulster, Ireland, James McQuilkin was rattled to his core when a woman cornered him saying, “‘My dear, I don’t believe you have ever known the Lord Jesus Christ.’” Describing his reaction, he noted, “‘I knew that she spoke what was true of me. I felt as if the ground were about to open beneath me and let me sink into hell. As soon as I could, I left the company. For two weeks I had no peace day or night. At the end of that time I found peace by trusting the Lord Jesus.’”1

McQuilkin gathered a tiny group who prayed for their community each week. Those faithful few prayed for 19 months. One morning a man suddenly fell down in the street yelling, “‘Unclean! Unclean! God be merciful to me a sinner!’”2

At the local Presbyterian Church, McQuilkin organized a prayer meeting which immediately overwhelmed the building. So, in the downpour, they moved to the open street. His Ahogill group seeded many hundreds of thousands from other towns into neighboring countries who repented their mistakes, seeking the Lord’s help and forgiveness.

Miracles exploded during the Ulster Revival. “There was a great spiritual movement among young people. It was not uncommon for teenage boys to hold street meetings to reach their peers for Christ. At one such street meeting an Irish clergyman counted forty children and eighty adults listening to the preaching of twelve-year-old boys. …The results of the revival were remarkable. In 1860 in County Antrim the police had an empty jail and no crimes to investigate. Judges often had no cases to hear. With their owners converted, pubs closed and alcohol consumption fell so drastically that whiskey distilleries were sold. Gambling at horse races fell off by 95%.”3

Closer to home on Bonnie Brae Street, Los Angeles, a preacher, William J. Seymour and seven buddies were praying on April 6, 1906. They experienced a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit so physically stunning that the Azusa Street Revival extended until around 1915, energizing the Pentecostal movement across all of America.

We are waiting at the door of politics for solutions which will never appear. No elected official can legislate changes in the human heart.

Attacks on the core of our decency and our true intellect are screaming for us to entirely reject God. We can no longer afford to follow this satanic departure from reality.

Our founders compiled the priceless U.S.A. rule of law based on tested, proven biblical principles. We need to earnestly ask God for help NOW to get back on course. Please pray on your knees with Erin and me for another great revival in America.

Get ready to be laughed at and mocked. Some people near you will call your faith a foolish, infantile crutch. Let them know that it truly is a crutch, and a paramedic team, and a universe-size hospital filled with the best heart care imaginable.

Be God’s genuine ambassador, praying with us. We are on the threshold of the greatest divine intervention in world history. Revival is close.

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