Blonde-Hair Brush

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by Peter E. Schultz

When I was thirteen, my uncle invited me to his wannabe farm where a couple of neglected horses and an army of woodchucks occupied the pastures. Hungry for some cash, I arrived charged up for whatever chores he had in mind. Summer jobs were scarce.

In a friendly voice he said, “Here, take this brush and clean out that tub. The hose is there somewhere.”

I waded through tall grass and discovered an old bathtub he used as a watering trough for the horses and any other wildlife that could reach the rim. Every speck of water inside was crystal clear.

As my uncle walked off I yelled, “It’s clean already!” He just waved, pointed to the tub, and simulated scrubbing motions with his arms.

Swatting the gnats away, I raked down the inside of the tub with my long-handled brush and discovered the world of algae. With every stroke of my stiff brush the unimaginable, creepy crud inside that tub transformed the clear water into a dark stagnant soup. I often skipped rocks across the water in nearby swamps, but the stench in that tub made me nauseous.

I found the hose and traced back to a hose bib buried in the grass. About two hours of scrubbing and flushing the contaminants with clear water revealed the white inside surface. In the summer heat, the temptation to take a quick dip in my clear private pool… Oh, never mind.

When President Trump vowed to drain the D.C. swamp, did he know how thick the scum had actually grown? Our blonde-hair brush faithfully uncovered the filth in America’s political tub.

History will prove he is not deserving of any impeachment or the false accusations of racist, incompetent, divisive, and reckless behavior. He is honest, generous, and respected by his loyal subordinates. His work in the USA and around the world is being recognized as brilliant, at least by those who have outgrown diapers.

Most significant among Trump’s victories is his exposure of today’s American political corruption. On stage is the lineup of political actors whose ambitions to grow private kingdoms dwarf their fake pledges to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”

We plainly see their naked, puppet-like obedience on display. Arrays of mindless attacks will never fully cloak their own dereliction of duty as more and more of their crimes are uncovered.

In the months ahead, phony promises of free stuff will probably implode. For example, we already know the canceling of student debt might have hidden side effects. Any money borrowed from non-federal entities (private banks and other private sources) still needs to be repaid. And currently, federal debt relief is taxable! Our IRS will happily bump up the personal income tax on any federal student loan balance which magically goes way.

Another stark reality regarding healthcare might soon impact US citizens. UK’s revered socialized medical system is clogged. It’s choking to such a degree that future ICU services could be based on “an individual’s potential to contribute to maintenance of the critical infrastructure.” Hmmm, Medicare for all? Really?

As Patriots stand in awe before the tub of US political failures, we can be deeply thankful for the blonde-hair brush who courageously revealed their presence. He and his family deserve our profound national appreciation.

Then, we can follow through with our purifying water, determined to finish the job President Trump started. Without violence or division, our mature application of the Constitution will be enough. It’ll take more than the two hours I spent in my uncle’s pasture, and plenty of tenacity, but the results will be spectacular.